Eventide H3000se Manual Pdf

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Eventide h3000se manual pdf

The H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer is a family or products based around a mult- purpose programmable, digital audio signal processor. The H3000 is capable of creating effects ranging from full stereo pitch changes, delays, reverbs, and more. Features. After it's intial release, the H3000 was released in various models: H3000. MIDI Receive Enable 19. MIDI Channel and Ormu' Mode 19. MIDI Program Change 19. Program Change Bank Select 20. Setting up the Program Change Map 20. Sequencing with MIDI 20. Enables for Sequencing 21. The Effect of Sequencing on MID! Program Change 21. MIDI Data Dumping 21. A Final Word. 23 . Complete list of presets available for all models of the Eventide H3000 and H3500 line of Ultra-. D/SX, D/SE, H3500. 160~BLACK JACK~LAYERED SHIFT ~Manually triggered sweep. Up then worldgov.infoSX, D/SE, H3500. A shimmering, hypnotic ambience. Derivative of H3000-SE preset worldgov.infoSX. D/SE, H3500. Jan 1, 2014. This is the production and technical rider of the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, in the Club setting. This document counts thirteen (13) pages. Please read these pages carefully as they will assure you a smooth and carefree passage at our venue. This document is divided in 4 parts: Part 1: production info . DIGITAL RECORDERS Manufacturer. Eventide DSP 4000 Digital FX Sampler $ 100.00 Eventide H3000SE, H3500SE Ultra Harmonizer w/Sampling $ 75.00 Eventide. Manual. Zero 88 Level 6 DMX. 6 Channels. 6.40 8.00. Memory. ETC Smartfade 12/48. 12/48 Channels. 28.00 35.00. ETC Smartfade 24/96. 24/96 Channels. Technics SL-1210 Turntable. 10.00 30.00. EFFECTS PROCESSORS. DAY WEEK. Harmoniser. Eventide H3000SE. Harmoniser. 45.00 135.00. Multi Effects. H3000, H3000-S, H3000-SE, H3000-B, 3000-D/SX, H3000-D/SE, H3000-B/LT, H3000-B+, H3500-df&, H3500-dfx/e MODELS COMBINED. IN ONE MANUAL – January 1996 - - -. © 1989-1996 Eventide Inc, Little Ferry NJ USA. Harmonizer is a registered trademark of Eventide Inc. for its audio pitch shifter special effects . With spectrum analyser and 100 presets. Day £45 Week £135. Phonic MQ3600 31-band dual channel graphic equaliser. Day £30 Week £90. Digitech Vocalist Vocal enhancement effects matrix with separate compressor, reverb and EQ/ enhance controls. Day £20 Week £60. Eventide H3000SE. 8 channel audio FX . H3000, H3000-S, H3000-SE, H3000-B, 3000-D/SX, H3000-D/SE, H3000-B/LT, H3000-B+, H3500-dfx, H3500-dfx/e MODELS COMBINED. HN ONE MANUAL – January 1996. - - -. #) 1989 - 1996 Evcntide Inc, Little Ferry NJ USA. Harmonizeris a registered tradcmark of Eventide Inc. forits audio pitch shifter special cffects . H3000SE 100-112 500-699. Eventide H3000 and H3500 line of Ultra-Harmonizers. H3000 Presets History Author: davidkulka Created Date. Advised to get the D/SE Conversion Kit from Eventide, to add the extended algorithms array for the ultimate H3000 processing powerhouse. Any H3000 model can be easily upgraded to D/SE, which includes Mod Factory 1 & 2, Multi- Shift, Dense Room, Band Delay, String Modeller algorithms and hundreds of presets based .

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