Olympus Exera Cv 145 Manual

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Olympus exera cv 145 manual

OLYMPUS UCR Endoscopic CO 2 Regulation Unit Exploiting CO 2’s ability to minimize luminal distension, the UCR features easy operation. EVIS EXERA 145/160 series. EVIS EXERA XENON LIGHT SOURCE CLV-160. Contents. This instruction manual contains essential information on using this light source safely and . CV-170 Video Processor and LED Light Source for ENT. Size Dimensions 295 x 145 x 425 mm. EVIS EXERA 160 Series. History of Olympus endoscopy 3. Manual flushing of internal channels 21. 2000 EVIS EXERA 160 and 145 series video endoscopy systems. O MM IPUS. INSTRUCTIONS. {EVIS>. EXERA II. ©-<. EVIS EXERA || XENON LIGHT SOURCE. OLYMPUS CLV-180. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6  . OPEN PORT TRADING worldgov.info. 502-110-145 502-110-010 Stryker IDEAL EYES Flexible Video Laparoscopes. Olympus CV-190 Evis Exera III Video Processor. Enhanced imaging performance and scope performance offer practical solutions for gastrointestinal endoscopy EVIS EXERA 11. ODYM PUS EVIS EXERA || COLONOVIDEOSCOPE. OLYMPUs CF TYPE Q165L/ I. =vis 2. EXERA II. *. Your Vision, Our Future. Versatile colonoscope combining. Changing the way you perform colonoscopy. Olympus has developed to meet all your endoscopy needs. with CV-180/-165/-160 only. OLYMPUS CV-170 Specifi cations. Rated input 200 VA Size Dimensions (W x H x D) 295 x 145 x 425 mm Weight 11.0 kg Classifi cation. EVIS EXERA 160 Series. American Auctioneers Group. Olympus Medical Gastrointestinal Video Endoscopy System w/ Olympus CV-140. 61 } Olympus mdl. GIF-N180 EVIS EXERA II. OLYMPUS CV-180. Page 2. Page 3. Contents i. EVIS EXERA II VIDEO SYSTEM CENTER CV-180. Contents. Labels and Symbols. Instruction manual. Contents MOBILESCOPE MAF-GM. for manual use, with indicator, for all Olympus surgical fiberscopes. CV-180 EVIS EXERA II video system. VIDEO SYSTEM CENTER CV-170. OLYMPUS CV-170 Compatible with EVIS 100/130/140 Series, Actera 150 Series, EVIS EXERA 160 Series. 2015 Visualization PRODUCT GUIDE. 502-110-145 502-110-010. Olympus CV-190 Evis Exera III Video Processor. Introducing the Olympus E VIS EXERA II 165 Series system. Simple and practical. CV-165. Gastrointestinal Videoscopes Bronchovideoscopes. — CV-145. Contents i. EVIS EXERA GIF/CF/PCF TYPE 160 Series OPERATION MANUAL. Contents. Symbols. information to the CV-160. Although the memory chip is. Olympus (malaysia) sdn. bhd. b-6-2, level 6. evis exera bronchovideoscope. duodenovideoscope tjf-145 duodenovideoscope. 502-110-145. 502-110-. Olympus CV-190 Evis Exera III Video Processor. Designed to reach everywhere: can bend up and down to 100° in four directions. Jun 24, 2014. CV-170. Taking a new step with a combination of. HDTV and NBI in ENT. 295 x 145 x 425 mm. Documentation. Compatible with EVIS 100/130/140 Series, Actera 150 Series, EVIS EXERA 160 Series, EVIS EXERA II 180 . We recommend to contact the Olympus agent in your. (Light control cable for CV). Dimensions (Maximum)385 (w) x 490 (D) x 145 (H)[mm] l ….

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