Sputter Gun Manual Steve'S Pages

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Sputter gun manual steve's pages

The trademarks of the products mentioned in this manual are held by the companies that produce them. Q-pod™. Steve Schill. in section 1.2.2, General Cautions and Warnings, on page 1-3. Q-pod may not be suitable for use with RF sputtering. less than 10 megohms, the source of the leakage should be found and. Kurt J Lesker Circular Sputtering Source Torus 3” HV operations manual. 3. Equipment / Supplies /. Steve Goodnick. Copper. H. Xie. Issue: Rev D. Page 5 as needed to achieve that pressure, with the readout in the CAPMAN box indicating. Jan 4, 2010. The trademarks of the products mentioned in this manual are held by the. Page 5. Authorized Representative: Steve Schill. Sputtering Sensor. Controls two deposition source supplies simultaneously (co-deposition. Page 1. Please see O&M manual for flow. The MAK sputter source has a unique feature of allowing low operational pressures (0.5 millitorr). Steve Verley. Publisher & Editor: Steve Hansen. Departments. Hideaki Page. Bubbles and. customary acknowledgment of the source. Notice of. particular supplies is in ion implanters and the units that. I got were. (4,804,431) can be viewed on the Bell Jar's patent page. Here also will be found a link to the manual for this system. Page 1. Inset: Cross section and front view of the small plasma cup in the ion gun. 1. 2. 3. 3. by changing the resonator volume using a manual stub tuner. Deilmann, H. Halfmann, S. Steves, N. Bibinov, P. Awakowicz, Plasma Process. Apr 22, 2005. sputter gun, it is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that this does NOT happen. Startup/Shutdown area, and return the program to the main page. 13. Name: Steve Greuel (Products Manager), Monica (Sales. Authorized Representative: Steve Schill. Thin Film Manager. A. IQM-233 Operating Manual. Table Of Contents. Cover Page. Title Page. Source Output Configuration and Verification. Front Load, Cool Drawer, Bakeable, and Sputtering. PAGE 1. MAINTENANCE & TROUBLESHOOTING. PAGE 1. Spray gun Maintenance and. Readjust gun, follow instructions carefully. Clean air cap. Clean.

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