Sputter Gun Manual Steve'S Pages

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Sputter gun manual steve's pages

Jan 4, 2010. Page 1. The trademarks of the products mentioned in this manual are held by the companies that produce them. LabVIEW™ is a trademark of National Instruments. Z-Match® and SQM-242™ are trademarks of. Authorized Representative: Steve Schill. Thin Film Business Line Manager. INFICON Inc. Chemical Safety & Hazardous Waste Management Rules & Procedures Handbook. 2.2. Kurt J Lesker Circular Sputtering Source Torus 3” HV operations manual. Title: LESKER #1 STANDARD OPERATION PROCEDURE. Issue: Rev D. Page 3. Nickel. Jeremy. Nickel. NanoFab. Nickel Iron. Hongbin Yu. Silicon (n-doped. The trademarks of the products mentioned in this manual are held by the companies that. Laboratory Equipment). RoHS: Fully compliant. CE Implementation Date: April 2007 (Updated February 2011). Authorized Representative: Steve Schill. See section section 3.5, Sample Programs, on page 3-4 for more details. Page 1. proper operation of your MAK Source. CAUTION. • Water MUST be flowing thru the MAK while sputtering. Please see O&M manual for flow requirements. The MAK sputter source has a unique feature of allowing low operational pressures (0.5 millitorr) as well as high operational pressures (600 millitorr) without . Page 1. A. Ion beam source. The plasma ion gun (type Gen 2 by Tectra GmbH) produces ions in an energy interval which can be set between 20 and 2000 eV. 2.45 GHz microwaves are coupled into a small magnetized plasma. by changing the resonator volume using a manual stub tuner. The quartz tube narrows just. Page 1. BEFORE INSTALLING, OPERATING OR CARRYING OUT MAINTENANCE ON THE MACHINE, READ THE CONTENTS OF THIS MANUAL. CAREFULLY, PAYING PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO. Do not allow the uninsulated portion of the wire feed gun to touch the ground clamp or grounded work to prevent an . Page 1 of 18. Hai Chiang, Chris Tasker, and Rick Presley. Sputtering Utility Program (SUP) User's Manual – v1.5. April 22, 2005. General System Usage. 1.0 General Info. sputter gun, it is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that this does NOT happen. Name: Steve Greuel (Products Manager), Monica ( Sales. Steve Schill. Thin Film Manager. INFICON. ANY QUESTIONS RELATIVE TO THIS DECLARATION OR TO THE SAFETY OF INFICON'S PRODUCTS SHOULD BE. A source output cable is not required if the card will be used only as a monitor. See section, Source Output Cable and Connection, on page 2-13. MAINTENANCE & TROUBLESHOOTING. PAGE 2. SPRAY FAULTS. Condition. Cause. Correction. Improper spray pattern. Gun Improperly adjusted. Dirty air cap. Fluid tip obstructed. Sluggish needle. Readjust gun, follow instructions carefully. Clean air cap. Clean. Lubricate (see lubrication section) or loosen packing nut.

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